Los Gatos Blancos

Latin Fusion



      Los Gatos Blancos’ new album, El Segundo (The Second), has been released and is ready to be aurally devoured by starving ears everywhere. Don’t let yours suffer the hunger!

      El Segundo combines all of the Latin sabor and Flamenco influences of LGB’s previous creations with some new unexpected twists, from the Bossa Nova stylings of Picante Pantalones to the jazzy dynamics of Loco, Pero No Borracho, or the trance-like groove of Rodante to the rock influences of Cambios; Los Gatos Blancos proudly display their diverse musical backgrounds, talents and influences in their sophomore effort.

      The album incorporates brand new songs from the band along with tracks that extend back to the beginning formation of LGB, and the original duo is joined by bassist Aquilino Soriano on all but one song.

      Take one listen to Los Gatos Blancos' debut album and you will be instantly drawn into a musical landscape of lush, vibrant guitar melodies layered over contagious drum and percussion rhythms that combine to create unforgettable tonal journeys from which you may not wish to return. While the two founding members, Dave Britton (guitars, bass and percussion) and Jim Goethel (drums and percussion) may describe their latest creation as "background music for the wine bar scene", the attention they garner when performing live suggests something altogether different; nevertheless, one might equally enjoy the warm instrumentation in an intimate dinner setting, relaxing in a shady hammock at the beach on a hot summer day, or dancing feverishly directly in front of the band.

      The duo's musical backgrounds are not immediately apparent when listening to Los Gatos Blancos' brand of instrumental Latin Fusion; to say that their musical style has changed over the years is an understatement. Both Dave and Jim cut their teeth in the San Diego musical scene over the last few decades playing rumbling, drop-tuned guitar rock in clubs ranging from 4th and B and The BellyUp to tiny dive bars that no longer exist. Dave played lead and rhythm guitars in Britton, Secret Society, Black Sunshine, Skinbag and Freak Magnet and Jim was the lead singer in HoneyChild, The Alternatives, Skinbag and Freak Magnet. The two joined forces in 1998 and have consistently jammed together in one re-incarnation or another ever since, developing a musical connection that can only result from years of friendship and artistic growth together. Los Gatos Blancos emerges as the latest and most accessible culmination of their musical partnership.

      After three years together, the band's performances at 98Bottles, Turqoise Café, Cordianos Winery and various private events continue to attract more converts to their new sound and the buzz is growing. In June 2014, they ranked #1 on ReverbNation's webpage, which is based on number of listens to their audio tracks. Los Gatos Blancos are currently nearly finished with their second CD, due for release by Fall 2014, and stand poised to turn many more heads (and ears) in 2014.